What is male chastity? Everything you wanted to know about cock cages but were too afraid to ask

Why male chastity? Everything you wanted to know about cock cages but were too afraid to ask.

What should I know about cock cages and male chastity?

You may be asking yourself, why would I want to try male chastity? You have questions, we have answers. There is no better way to hand over complete control of the Big O than a cock cage. If you want to know all of the whys and hows of putting your pecker in a prison you have come to the right place. Let’s explore the perks of locking up that cock.

What is male chastity?

Male chastity is putting a guy’s junk in a cage and someone holds the key. There are cages made from steel, silicone, and plastic. Penis jails typically trap the balls between the cage and the rings. You can find instructions on the installation of a cock cage here. 

In our experience, the plastic device is the best choice for most men. They are the most discreet, most customizable, and lightest weight without sacrificing security. The World Cage is the simplest, safest, and most comfortable cock cage on the market. You can stay locked in it for a few hours, weeks, or even months. 

How to use your male chastity device?

At Sexy Fun World, we believe male chastity should be accessible to not only the fetish user but the occasional and novice alike. Here are a few different ways you can use your World Cage male chastity device:

Extended Foreplay – Tease him all night long.

Extended tease play is the number one reason why most men use cock cages. A male chastity cock cage is first and foremost a teasing device. A cock cage is equivalent to what the vibrating panty is to women on the most basic level. Extended foreplay can make any activity or event exciting. 

Teasing in the bedroom is only a start. The discreet, comfortable fit of the World Cage allows him to be teased on date night - dancing at the club or over the phone when he's at work.  Imagine how much fun the family reunion can be if he is locked up and you are jiggling the key to his pecker when no one is looking. It is your fun, shared secret. The World Cage is so simple that it is the perfect foreplay accessory.  

Spicy New Fetish Play

Spice things up with a World Cage for something new and exciting. Cock cages are the perfect entry into the fetish lifestyle. Did you read Fifty Shades of Grey and are looking to enter the exciting world of fetish play? A World Cage cock cage is not painful or permanent. Most men love the idea of temporarily giving up power to be lightly dominated and teased.  

Use a World Cage to take him to the brink of release over and over while you have complete control over his dick. The unknown outcome of wearing a World Cage will drive the caged wild until he gets rewarded for pleasuring the keyholder. The goal for a job well done is freedom and release.

Renew trust in a relationship

I must make this clear - If you are looking for a cock cage to fix your partner's wandering dick, look for a new partner, not a cock cage.  

The World Cage is, however, perfect for renewing trust in a relationship. For those slow to trust due to past infidelities, handing over the key to his dick is a gift. Trust grows as the keyholder realizes they have all the power over their partner's cock while he's locked up. The experience of placing control in the keyholder's hand can be a bonding experience. This connection is intense on both a physical and emotional level. Demonstrating your commitment and loyalty is very Sexy.

Fetish Enthusiast Chastity Lifestyle

The chastity enthusiast wears a cock cage for weeks, months, or even years (yes, I said years) at a time. male chastity can be the way a couple expresses their deep connection through a deep and intimate secret. The fetish couple is often involved in a Female Led Relationship (FLR) that crosses from sexual to all aspects of their lives.  See our discussion of Female Led Relationships here.

Contrary to popular belief, these men in long-term chastity are often masculine and traditional in public and enjoy giving up power in private. The World Cage is a top choice because the chastity enthusiast is looking for a pecker cage built for long-term wear with a comfortable fit and outstanding security.


The "Why" for using a male chastity device that most people think of is BDSM. The cock locker is often used as a submissive device. The World Cage can ensure the obedience of the sub during bondage sessions. While widely imagined as such, dominance and submission is not why most men use a cock cage.


The of wearing a cock cage are many. We have touched on the various relationship benefits above.  Increased trust and intimacy are some of the apparent benefits. There are also studies done by urologists showing an increase in testosterone because of a reduction in masturbating. In addition, there have been studies showing increased sperm counts and improvements for men with erectile dysfunction. If you still aren’t convinced, we have a quick list of reasons why World Cage is the absolute best. 

Why World Cage is the best chastity cage:

    1. Genius design - we designed the ultimate box for your dick.
    2. The most comfortable male chastity cock cage on the planet.
    3. Made from body-safe materials. You love your pocket rocket, so do we. 
    4. A sexy and fun way to wrangle his willy. Bother him all night. 
    5. Secure - You won’t escape until your keyholder says so. 
    6. Lifetime warranty and community support.  
    7. We are going to sell you a cock cage and expect you to wear it. 
    8. Choosing us means you’re in the club and have access to secret and exclusive content. 

What Male Chastity is NOT:

    1. A way to control a cheating partner. Even in chastity you must have trust (it can be used as a trust builder).
    2. A way to stop erections. For some reason some men believe and want this. Stopping erections means stopping blood flow - a bad, bad thing. It will control erections, but you will feel every one of them. This is half of the fun (for us keyholders).


Your "why" for male chastity can be wide-ranging. The number one use of cock cages is for extended foreplay and teasing all night long. Caging your pecker is an exciting way to enter light bondage play with your partner. Having a sexy secret can be an intense turn-on for both the wearer and the keyholder. The unknown outcome will drive the wearer wild for the keyholder. 

A male chastity cage can also build trust in bruised relationships - it can make a hurt partner feel empowered. Male chastity fetish enthusiasts are the experts who use cock cages long-term to give up the power in their relationships. They want to be dominated.

If you’ve read this far, we think you’re interested. Trying this out is a low-risk way to experience a tantalizing new world, and you have the advantage of knowing about the best device around. Choose World Cage chastity because it is simple, comfortable, and secure and has innovated chastity for both beginners and enthusiasts.  

Sexy Fun World has a community of support for chastity enthusiasts and beginners alike. We also have a big secret to reveal. To stay up to date and get all our spicy content, follow our social channels. We can't wait to hear what you think. Leave us a comment below.

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