Do you really warranty the World Cage® for a lifetime?

Yes, we do! We are very excited to offer an unprecedented LIFETIME warranty on our World Cage® kits; excluding the Security Shield®, padlock, and plastic locks.  We will replace any part that fails for the lifetime of your World Cage® kit.  We may need you to take a picture or return the broken part for quality control and verification of authenticity (We will pay return shipping of defective part).  Excessive claims can be considered abuse and may void the warranty.  Product failure caused by extreme or abusive wear conditions or intentional breakage does not qualify for an exchange.  This warranty is only available to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Email us at [email protected] if you need to file a warranty claim. 

What about the World Cage Security Shield® - is it warrantied?

The World Cage Security Shield® is warrantied for three months from the date of purchase.  Please provide a receipt showing proof of purchase. The use of silicone lubricant on the retainer could possibly break down the silicone of the Retainer and voids the warranty. Replacements are also available for purchase here.

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