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Heart Shaped TimeLock 100 hours

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Keep Your Key Timed Padlock

Put your key to your World Cage in a box and use this timed padlock to keep it out of commission for up to Four Days. 

  • Metal: ABS + metal, weight 30g.
  • USB lithium battery charging, with screen and 3 small buttons to set hours or minutes, the maximum setting time is 99 hours and 59 minutes.
  • USB charging lasts for 120 hours.
  • When the lock is locked, it will not open and it is impossible to break it by hand. Please set the time reasonably.
  • The padlock combination is lightweight and suitable for airport and travel safety. You can lock your important items at any time to protect your privacy.
DISCLAIMER - This will not work to replace your World Cage padlock - it is too big.

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