Best sex toys for travel

Sexy travel without overpacking. Don't forget your keys (to his World Cage male chastity cock cage.)

Let me tell you a secret... You don’t need all of the “travel-friendly” items we bloggers are trying to sell you. Even those of us, like myself, who advocate packing light still push dozens of “essential” products for travel. There are some must-haves, of course. These are far less common than the nice to haves or the “you are only buying these because someone told you it was necessary, but it won’t leave your suitcase” haves. Stop packing like you are going to visit a remote tribe in the Amazon (Unless you are ACTUALLY traveling to visit a remote tribe in the Amazon.) Paris has tampons, Madrid sells Ibuprofen (it may have a different name internationally), Seoul sells more beauty products than you would ever want. Explore not just tourist sites. Venture into a pharmacy or a grocery store. Adventure can often be found in the most mundane of places. 

Here is a radical thought coming from a website selling travel-friendly items - limit the gadgets and gizmos to less than five items. With that said, here are a couple of must-haves and one nice to have.

Must Haves:

  1. Condoms - Yes, they can be purchased in any country, but it is better to have them on hand when the mood strikes. You don’t have to pack an industrial-sized box. Plan on replacing them as you go before you run out. Just like in the US, they can be bought at any drug or convenience store. Check out our 3pack of Comfort Fit Sustain Natural Condoms.
  2. Vibe - You know why this is a must-have. Make sure you have a quality, travel-friendly vibe. The cheap vibes are not sexy or fun. Your packing real estate is valuable. Don’t waste it on something that doesn’t work. We carry two travel-friendly vibes by Fun Factory that we recommend because they are an easily transportable size and are powered by one AA battery. Check out our Fun Factory Jam and Volita.
  3. World Cage male chastity - Why is the World Cage cock cage a must-have, you may ask? If he is traveling with you he will happily carry your lightly packed suitcase and go on every excursion that is on your bucket list. Just jiggle that key and he will be delighted to take care of all of the little details that you don't love to worry about. If this is a BFF-only trip, without him along, this is even more reason to break out the World Cage and lock him up. Don't forget the key! If you tease-text him from Brazil he will be happier to see you when you come home than he ever has been before. Absence makes more than the heart grow fonder. Don't forget to use the travel-friendly plastic locks so you can keep your secret through TSA security check.
  4. UV sanitizer and lockable charging base – Although this is a bit bigger than the other must-haves, it is still easily packable and ALWAYS in my suitcase. It used to be on my nice-to-have list. In this day and age, it is now a must-pack. I use this on the road to charge and sanitize everything that will fit in it – the remote control in my hotel room (famous for being the dirtiest thing in a hotel), my sunglasses, my cell phone, and of course, my travel toys. We sell and use the revolutionary UVee Home Play cleaner here at Sexy Fun World. The UVee Home Play sanitizes in five minutes using a patented UV-C sanitizing process.  The coolest feature of this is the integrated combination lock. Privacy and security are very sexy.

One last thing, Sexy Toy Stores are fun to visit around the world.  Look for them as you travel and maybe go check out a few.  Keep an eye out for our upcoming series – Sexy Store Spotlight. 

Sexy Travel is fun.  Let's talk about it.

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