Which male chastity cock cage should I use?

Which male chastity cock cage should I use? Introducing the World Cage. 

We here at Sexy Fun World are proud to introduce a revolutionary new cock cage kit called the World Cage. It looks a bit like other devices on the market, but the differences are significant. World Cage is the best male chastity cock cage on the planet! Our goals when designing the World Cage Chastity device were Simplicity, Safety, Comfort, and Value.  Our goals were surpassed far beyond our expectations. Let me explain what I mean…


The World Cage models are fully functional, with only four parts. Our competition uses nine parts or more to lock it up. We pared it down to a hinged ring, a pin, a cage, and a lock. To increase security and comfort, you can add on the Security Shield silicone anti-pullout accessory included with the World Cage Kits.

Competitors' instructional videos leave off integral parts of their assembly and they don't realize it. If it is too complicated for the manufacturer, then it is too complicated for the consumer.


The next thing we investigated was the most basic – what material to use for the World Cage? We had already committed Sexy Fun World to be all about sexual wellness. Body-Safe material was a priority. We started researching the plastic used by all the other popular plastic Male Chastity Kits. We found they all use polycarbonate. 

Polycarbonate contains BPAs. When researching the implications of wearing BPA next to the skin, we found evidence that it will leach through skin contact. This leaching can cause an estrogen response in men (bad), which can cause permanent shrinkage (very bad). World Cage is made from ABS plastic.  ABS is BPA-free and body-safe, strong, non-porous, and is the same plastic from which Legos are made. The Security Shield is 100% body-safe silicone.


Now that the challenges of simplicity and safety were solved, we needed to focus on comfort. Sure, you can make a device secure by clamping the balls between a ring and a cage with a clamp or spikes. How comfortable or safe is that for long-term wear? 

We understand pain can be a choice, but we don't want injury to be a result. Our solution was a silicone retainer to work gently like a finger trap to hold the beast in place. The Silicone Security Shield acts as an anti-pullout device that forms to the body, increasing both security and comfort. (By the way, the Security Shield works with CB-X and other center pin chastity devices as well).

Our hinged rings were designed for comfort as well as simplicity. We made a curved side so that the testicles can comfortably hang over. The flat side goes next to the body, so it holds the ring there securely.

World Cage design works better for uncircumcised men than competitor's devices since it is shaped more naturally. It is consistently sized throughout the whole cage, so the penis naturally lines up better. The vent at the end is slightly wider with an improved shape that actually allows men to urinate standing up at a urinal. There is virtually no splashback. Sitting down should be a choice, not a requirement to keep from splashing urine all over yourself. 

Extra venting was added for better hygiene. One of the most innovative add-ons we have is special order custom solid rings (additional purchase) in sizes from 37mm (1.46") up to 76mm (3"). We listened to our customers and realized that to make chastity work for almost everyone, there needed to be choices in ring sizes outside of the usual 1 ½" to 2" rings. Our message to our customers is, "We hear you."


Our World Cage male chastity is the best value on the market. We included larger rings (53mm & 57mm) than any other chastity device Competitors charge up to $40 for these extra-large rings. The Secure Silicone Security Shield anti-pullout accessory is included in the World Cage kit. Others charge $50 or more for this type of accessory. We include double the plastic locks of our competitors in the World Cage kit. We also offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty on our parts.

The World Cage offers simplicity, comfort, and safety to our customers while being fully secure. Sexy Fun World is proud to bring this revolutionary chastity system to the market. Our goal is innovation, not just making new colors of the same old devices and calling that ingenuity. We have combined all the best features of the devices we sold in the past and then evolved them into the superior technology of the World Cage line.

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