Welcome to It's a Sexy Fun World!

Sexy Fun World was born of my experience in a peculiar, small corner of the adult novelty industry –  the male chastity cock cage business.  I was not a participant or enthusiast in this world but strangely became an expert in it due to a familial tie.

My mom and her husband invented a new type of male chastity belt / cock cage for men in 1999. In 2009 I stepped in to run their successful company, becoming the authority in male chastity.  I attended trade shows internationally, spoke as a sex expert (or as we like to call it, "Sexpert") on panels, and did numerous interviews with the media.  I saw the adult industry respond to the changing world.  Women became more empowered sexually, and adult products became more focused on sexual wellness. 

Sadly, my mother and stepdad passed away a few years ago.  I stepped away from the family business to take time to heal.  During this sabbatical, I found myself inspired by the vision of a site that combined sexual wellness for adults of all ages, my love of travel, and the fun of the adult novelty market.  Sexy Fun World™ was born.

On Sexy Fun World™, you will find cutting edge products that not only make sex more exciting but make us healthier.  Healthy sex is pleasurable sex.  Sexuality should not be taboo. Satisfying sex is a health issue.  We strive to find products made from sustainable, organic, and wholesome materials.   You will also find products that are travel-friendly because travel is sexy.  We are curating products that you can safely and discreetly take with you on your trip around the world. 

Here at Sexy Fun World™, we are creating an inclusive community that will expand our approach to sex.  Join us in exploring our health, our sexuality, and our world.  Together we will travel to exotic places and explore unique cultural, sexual practices.  Feel free to contact us with comments or ideas for future blog posts and product suggestions.

 Sex is fun.  It’s a Sexy Fun World™.  Let’s talk about it.