Sexy Fun World is a travel-themed, sexual wellness site with an emphasis on luxury and fun.

We use the products we carry on our travels and will let you know how they hold up and which products are worth the realty in your suitcase.

We feature slightly naughty, fun, travel-friendly toys. Our staff has been in the industry for over 36 years combined. The brand we previously developed was the world leader in its genre.

Sexy Fun World is dedicated to providing you with the healthiest, most innovative products on the market.  We carry only authentic products from the best brands.

We are proud to announce our new line - The World Cage Male Chastity available in three sizes: Bali, Vegas, and Bangkok. This is the first line of chastity made from body-safe ABS plastic - the same plastic from which Legos are made. Our kits are the most comfortable and include the largest rings of any on the market.  We also offer semi custom rings up to 3".

Please contact us if you would like any further information on our products, website or company. We can't wait to hear from you.

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