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UVee Go Play

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UVee Go Play Sanitizer
Kills the germs, not the fun

A Cleaner Lockable Way to Get Charged Up.

Protect yourself against both germs and awkward conversations.  UVee uses a UV light on the germs and a locking box so no one accidentally finds your Sexy Fun Toys.

Although no one seems to be talking about it Sexy Toys have become a household staple.  Let us be the ones to tell you that clean sexy toys are fun sexy toys. The UVee is easily packable and ALWAYS in our suitcases. We here at Sexy Fun World all use this on the road to sanitize everything that will fit in it – the remote control in the hotel room (famous for being the dirtiest thing in a hotel), our sunglasses, our cell phone, makeup brushes and of course, our travel toys. We love it so much that it made our list of Sexy Travel Must Haves. The UVee sanitizes in five minutes using a patented UV-C sanitizing process. The UVee also has a USB charging port INSIDE the box. You can charge your devices while you clean them. The coolest addition is the integrated combination lock. Privacy is very Sexy.

UVee's  patented refractory light system effectively kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

Please note that the UVee is a sanitizer, and does not take the place of a cleaner.  Please use the UVee Go Play in conjunction with a quality toy cleaner.

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