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STUD100 Desensitizing Spray
STUD100 Desensitizing Spray

STUD 100 Male Desensitizing Spray

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STUD 100 Desensitizing Spray was developed in 1970 and is a classic for a reason.  It is the most respected desensitizing spray on the market and the only one we recommend.

How to use STUD 100:

STUD 100 is fitted with a child resistant cap - insert key or coin and twist to flip cap open
The recommended starting dosage is 3 to 5 sprays to the head and shaft of the penis
Apply 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse
Do not exceed 10 sprays in one application or 24 sprays in a 24-hour period
Wash product off after intercourse
Store below 25°C (77°F)

Active Ingredient: Lidocaine Base USP (approx 10mg per spray)
Inactive Ingredients: Fragrance, Isopropyl myristate, solvent, stearic acid

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